The Art of Movement
Enhance your relationship with Life
Kathryn Hood
Kathryn believes that the human body and mind are true wonders of the world. The two are intimately intwined and interconnected.

Through bodywork specific to unlocking unconscious physical tendencies; movement that helps create new patterns both physical and mental, and life coaching that encourages conscious thought to create new pathways to perceiving and experiencing ourselves.

Kathryn takes clients on a journey whether they see her for bodywork, movement or life coaching or all three. She understands that when movement of any nature (mental, emotional, energetic or physical) ceases, stagnation sets in which leads to all kinds of health issues. 

Having lived in California where Kathryn owned a bodywork/movement studio, she was fortunate enough to work and train with a range of teachers and mentors. She soaked up as much knowledge as she could and she continues to learn and embody teachings and philosophies as part of her own personal journey.