The Art of Movement
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Rolf Structural Integration 

Fascia is part of the connective tissue system of the body. It is the structure of our form. Throughout our life it is subject to stresses, physical and mental, and patterns form in the structure that lead to imbalances, discomfort and injury.
Structural Integration, often known as Rolfing, is a unique manual therapy that works directly on the fascia, unwinding, releasing, lubricating.

Because the connective tissue is all encompassing, it is now known that our mental state, our emotions, our trauma end up in the fascia. When we sense an emotion, a memory, it is often initiated in the fascia. If we can unwind and begin to return the fascia to its original condition, it is possible the mind will also begin to be put at ease.

The    ​​​​​​​​​​ ​​                       Method

In many ways it does not matter what type of movement we do, it is important to move. Yet most exercise routines are extremely linear, focusing predominantly in the frontal plane, keeping us firmly locked in our patterns. 

The GYROTONIC® method takes us away from the linear and introduces every functional plane available to our body. It uses circular motions and spirals to open and lubricate the joints which helps to balance the joints and the muscles, tendons and ligaments around them. Learning how to create contrast in our movement brings strength with ease and balance. The method also focuses strongly on returning movement to the spine, utilising flexion, extension, spiraling and side arching. 

This beautiful technique not only helps to keep the body young, but it works the mind, introducing new neural pathways, helping us to open to new ways of being, and exchanging potential rigidity with flexibility and adaptability. It is a true tonic for life.

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Conscious Mind Mentoring

Many of us suffer stress, anxiety and trauma. These emotions often lead to developing unwanted mental, emotional and physical patterns. These patterns become normal to us, but in truth they hold us back from becoming our best selves​​​​​​​​​​

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Eastern philosophy give clues to finding our way out of these patterns. Over millenia meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, breathing exercises and self-reflection have been used with great success.

Join me on your own personal journey toward joy, love and health.
I will provide you with some tools to begin to change your perception which will begin to change your reality.

We will also look at diet and lifestyle, relationships, communication, your relationship to your body, movement patterns and anything else that comes up. We can dive into your fascia with Structural Integration and I can help you move in ways you never imagined possible. The aim is to introduce you to full health in mind, body and soul.  

Yoga: individual tune up sessions
learn how to get the most out of your yoga asana practice

Many yoga practitioners wonder why their practice is difficult. Why they don't see improvements as fast as they expect. It is not easy in a class to understand the nuances that lead to an enhanced yoga practice​.​​

In our tune-up sessions, we guide clients through the asanas they would like to improve. Working together, clients come to have more of an understanding of their anatomy and their movement capabilities. They understand how small adjustments to their practice can help an entire flow.

Where yoga students are challenged by what appear to be simple transitions from one asana to the next, we look at this and work toward the ease of the movement.

We also work with alignment. Not in a strict and rigid way, but when our body is aligned correctly, the joints can glide, the muscles can slide and the entire movement feels more fluid and joyful. 

These 'tune-up' sessions also work toward balancing your joints and muscles. They help you find ease in your practice.

The work we do together is informative, fun and fluid.

Movement Coaching

Movement Coaching involves the inclusion of many movement modalities from Pilates, Franklin Method, Feldenkrais, Hanna, Gyrotonic, Yoga and dance. 

This coaching is oriented to the individual, helping to enliven their connection with their own body. We travel together through the entire body, enquiring, moving, playing. 

We learn about the breath, we explore the senses, learn to release and relax and we begin to experience kinetic energy and find out how to utilise it to make movement more strengthening and easier. We move in ways you never expected your body to move. The movement is designed to free up fascia, rebalance joints, help give muscles their power to work as they were intended, in unison with the other muscles in the body.

Other services:

Postural assessment
Movement assessment 
Proprioceptive training
​Balance training