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    I went to see Kathryn for a series of structural integration sessions last year. My initial reason for going was persistent lower back pain which during the sessions disappeared and remains gone. However, so much more changed throughout my body like an unravelling of years old tensions to the point where I feel younger and happier! Being free in my body brings a great sense of joy. I encourage everybody to go see Kathryn she has a wonderful insight as a body worker, your body will thank you tenfold.
    Fran B. Noosa, Australia
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    Kate is an extremely outstanding body practitioner. She is knowledgeable about the human body, caring, careful, generous, effective in helping alleviate aches and pains. She worked on my wife's shoulder just once and it has felt better ever since. My wife and I highly recommend Kate to anyone that needs structural integration - or "rolfing".
    Jim B. California, USA
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    We both feel you are great... You put Jim together every week so that he functions so much better than before he saw you....
    Niz B. California, USA
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    I have been a client of Kathryn's for approximately 2 years. I have seen her for many sessions of body work and also take pilates from another instructor. Kathryn is the ultimate professional and is extremely talented in her field of work. The environment has a very comforting, zen feeling and I look forward to my sessions."
    Libby T. California, USA
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    Kathryn is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and is completely dedicated to healing her clients. Since I have completed my series of bodywork sessions, I have been pain free and am able to hold my body in such a way that I can remain so. While each session was scheduled for 90 minutes, I feel like Kathryn never looked at the clock. Often the session went over the allotted time so that she could complete her work. It never felt rushed.
    Ida G. California, USA
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    Kathryn has created a wonderfully healthy environment for taking care of and preventing the aches and pains of life. She is a specialist in Structural Integration(Rolfing), and her work is of the highest caliber. She encourages all their clients to optimize their health. It is for those seeking to work out the kinks and prevent them from coming back.
    John K. California, USA
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    Kathryn is an excellent body worker and her work has helped my body alignment and body awareness. In addition to working with her, the classes that she offers are of the highest quality. I appreciate the quality of service, the peaceful, clean atmosphere, and the highly professional, unique and personalized services offered by Kathryn...
    Anne L. California, USA