The Art of Movement
Enhance your relationship with Life
Everything in life moves. The seasons, the sun, the moon, plants, the cosmos. When movement comes to an end, the result is stagnation or death. 

Modern life has led to less movement and when we do move, we develop aberrent patterns due to a lack of understanding and a disconnection between mind and body. 

At the Art of Movement, we help return your body to a fluid, natural state. We work toward creating an awareness that not only improves your posture and movement patterns, it helps with emotional patterns, opens up new neural pathways, challenges you to move in ways you did not imagine possible. 

We do this through movement in action plus fascial bodywork while you are in movement.

Our modalities include:

Rolf Structural Integration  works directly on the fascial system. The fascia is connective tissue, a physical system which connects the nervous system through all levels of the body from the muscles down to each and every cells. Together with movement training this fascial release system aligns, opens and creates space for movement. This work is also specific to posture. The experience of easeful, upright posture has the ability to change many aspects of life.

The  GYROTONIC® Method of movement enhances the fluidity of the body and mind. It helps strenghten and lubricate the joints, muscles and fascia.  It helps us gain freedom on multiple levels while allowing us to access our bodies on a new level whether we are beginners or highly skilled athletes.

Conscious Mind Mentoring  In this work we help clients uncover  tendencies which hold them back. We offer tools to break reactive habits and open you up to a more contented life.

Yoga tune-up to guide you to enhance and improve your practice. We also provide daily functional movement advice which improves posture, movement and comfort in the body.